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lets confront Reality, nohtign I say will issue sicne you’ve ecided ahead of time ahta is “The reality’ and, lik an excellent apologist, you’ll just argue type yoru placement without the need of even aknoeledging anythign one other person states.

Nothign yu say is new or Intelligent, Even yoru “ZThe world is crel which is obective simple fact; dgma isnt relaly remotely clever. Its just soemhign you have to be legitimate for a prop on your greate rpurpose.

No, I’m not, and I’ve discussed why. Your idiocy is The key reason why you haven’t been ready to be familiar with something I’ve reported. You know the way colossally, superhumanly stupid that you are. You’ve probably experienced quite a few, uncountable folks inform you more than the training course of your daily life what an imbecile you happen to be.

Who is boasting Sagan like a religious apologist, and that is stating that I am just one? I quoted Sagan on spirituality–his term, not mine–and suggested the quotation had a thing for each side to take into account. The responses here illustrate the delicacy in the activity Sagan was making an attempt.

Bruno was not that influential and remains a person who was contentious in his Lifetime and who experienced far more because of his own arrogance than any kind of Handle about Imagined at some time.

With that said, I'm not a Creationist, but I really don’t Consider Creationism harms people. It just comes off as silly to me to Feel it does. How Is that this any diverse from an individual like Ken Ham expressing perception in Evolution harms society as well as Biblical Religion?

What I see will be the distortion of Historu to market an Idea, so prevent tryign to change the blame to me.

Religion played an exceptionally critical purpose in maintaining rational, scientific, humanistic contemplating back. If background is to show us something, we should always realize that dogmatic wondering, groupthink, conformism, submission to leaders and other things which make up the backbone of religions are damaging, are within our character, and we should always defeat them with instruction and being familiar with.

You ignored a single vital phrase from the definition of religion. Religions include worship of a “supernatural”

Yoru concept that alL Relgiion si Irraitonal and we’d be bettr off without it's just as Blidn, confrommist, and dogmatic as anythgin else.

By the way, Machio Kaku, a Physisit, says we may in the future Construct machins that let us read Minds. If people can do it usign the legal guidelines of nrue, why is it a Supernatural asct for God to?

As for Goal, the Ourpiose of Religion that site will be to unerstand the planet we liv ein, and hte urpose of Philosophy is to understand the earth we liv ein. I all over again see no disrinction.

“Few theologians have stored up While using the revolutionary developments on the forefront of astronomy, physics, molecular biology or genetics. Churches and other religious establishments appear to be ill-equipped to deal with the courageous new planet of big bang cosmology, quantum actuality, genetic engineering and nanotechnology.

I necr claimed Athrism was a Religion, but I hear this chorus quite a bit. Even so, Moern Athim is usually a Faith pr4cicely since it is way mroe when compared to the beleif there won't be any gods. its effectively a Humanist Philosophy.

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